Euroleague 2017-18: Playoff and Final-4 projections

It is this time of the year again where the euroleague is ready to kick off its playoffs on the road to the final 4. We helped you get a sense of what to expect using a simple regression-based rating model. Note that the model is a vanilla regression model without all the bells and whistles – after all we need to keep our secret sauce…secret (e.g., there is no regularization, no weighting of recent games, no customization through cross-validation for the variance between the ratings and the actual point margin etc.) so do not use this model to make bets!

The ratings we got after the end of the regular season are:

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 8.28.29 PM

Using these ratings we get the following projections (they will be updated after every game):


As we can see CSKA opens as the bit favorite followed by Real Madrid and the reign champion Fener. Many fans (at least in Greece) are looking forward to a Greek final, but the chances of this happening are only about 1.5%.

After the first two games of the series two teams have made the break, Real and Zalgiris. On the other hand CSKA and Fener have made a strong case for being present at the final 4 once more, while the chance of a Greek final is still around 1.5%.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 10.14.28 PM.png


2 thoughts on “Euroleague 2017-18: Playoff and Final-4 projections

    1. Hey Charlie, thanks for following! I do not collaborate with them — they have been kind enough to repost some of my articles and it seems that these ratings are the same as mine 🙂


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