Wins Contributed by NBA Players

If you are reading this post most probably you know that a lot of work has been done in developing advanced metrics for evaluating players.  The objective of all these metrics is to try an quantify the impact of each player in winning.  There are metrics such as win shares, wins over replacement etc. that […]

A Statistical X-Ray on Westbrook’s Triple-Double Performance from Wald and Wolfowitz

Everyone that follows the NBA even loosely has certainly heard about the monstrous performances that Russell Westbrook has put up this year. Every relevant website you visit talks about how “hot”he is – especially during the 7 game span of consecutive triple doubles that ended at the game with my Celtics.  This “hotness” in sports has […]

The curious case of the 3-point line

Clay Thompson set a new NBA play-off record this weekend for most 3-point shots made in a game (that is, 11!) and it was indeed exciting.  The whole Golden State Warriors era is based on the outside threat of Stephen Curry and the likes.  However, is the three-point line diluting the game? Should it maybe be […]