Understanding regression through the NBA boxscores

How costly are turnovers in a basketball game? How does a 1% increase in the FG percentage affect the probability of winning a game? These are questions that a data-oriented, sports-loving person might have.  While the qualitative answers to similar questions might be obvious for the dedicated fans of the game, the exact quantitative answer requires data analysis.  Similar questions serve as… Read More Understanding regression through the NBA boxscores

Sports data sources

One of the problems with being into data analytics is, well the lack of data! In many cases data come hard and are not even available.  Here, I will provide some links to APIs and datasets that you can use for free for your analysis: nflgame API in Python: https://github.com/BurntSushi/nflgame NBAstats API in Python: https://github.com/bradleyfay/NBAStats mlbgame API in Python: https://github.com/zachpanz88/mlbgame nhl… Read More Sports data sources