A Statistical X-Ray on Westbrook’s Triple-Double Performance from Wald and Wolfowitz

Everyone that follows the NBA even loosely has certainly heard about the monstrous performances that Russell Westbrook has put up this year. Every relevant website you visit talks about how “hot”he is – especially during the 7 game span of consecutive triple doubles that ended at the game with my Celtics.  This “hotness” in sports has […]

Evaluating logistic regression beyond classification accuracy: The case of NFL matchup prediction

Probabilistic predictions are everywhere and of course in sports as well.  The holly grail of sports analytics is to predict the outcome of a game after all.  A typical approach that is used to evaluate predictions is focused on the accuracy, that is, how many correct predictions did the prediction engine make.  In theory this is […]

Exploring NFL’s NextGen Stats

NFL has partnered the last few years with Zebra to provide on-field player tracking through RFID technology.  This tracking has created a whole new set of player and team statistics, that have been termed as NextGenStats. NextGenStats include information such as the time between the snap and the release of a pass from the QB, the […]

The Power of the (Home) Crowd

There is a lot of ink that has been used (or wasted if you prefer) on the home field advantage in sports. Many reasons have been put forward to explain this observation.  For example, Scorecasting argues that the primary benefit for the home team is referee favoritism.  Regardless of various reports that this advantage might be […]